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Welcome to OUR 25TH SEASON!!


  • Cheerleading is one of the the fastest growing sports in the world and was recently announced as a provisional sport in the upcoming Olympics!

  • SSCC is extremely proud to be the first Recreation Star Competition Cheer Organization in Stafford Township with the 1st SPECIAL NEEDS team in Ocean County!

  • It distinguishes itself from traditional stereotypes because of the skill and athleticism required to be successful. 

  • Teams focus on gymnastics, acrobatics, athletic dance and stunts – a true hybrid sport – cheerleading develops an athletes’ strength, flexibility, coordination, and stamina.

There’s a team for everyone! No experience? No problem! With competitive and recreational teams for cheerleaders ages 4-19 years old, beginners to advanced, SSCC has a team for you!

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No Experience Necessary, SSCC Builds Relationships and SSCC Makes Champions!
Stafford Sparklers Recreation Star Cheerleading Program, SSCC, is designed for cheerleaders ages 4-19, who are interested in cheering at a competitive level. Our program requires a BIG, yet REWARDING COMMITMENT.  

SSCC offers a variety of different teams based on age and ability, allowing every child an opportunity to become a cheerleader.

SSCC trains athletes for success, with safety as the number one priority.  Sparkler Cheerleaders practice between 1 and 9 hours per week depending upon their team placement.  Our teams (besides Cheerabilities team and Sparklett team) practice August to May and compete January through May.

SSCC is a corporation, founded in 2000 by a group of determined mothers. Their goal was to develop a cheer/dance organization in our area that would work with any budget. Originally consisting of one cheer team and one dance team the organization has grown into 5 teams with over 60 members each year and has branched out to all surrounding towns in Ocean County!

Our teams range from 4 years to 19 years of age. All teams travel and compete with their cheer levels at all competitions. 

The season runs from August through May with tons of fun events, fundraisers and competitions along the way. We are all about working hard and having fun!

Our teams are not limited to Stafford Township, all are welcome to join! A large percentage of our organization is Little Egg Harbor,  Barnegat, Lacey, Waretown as well as Manahawkin.


SSCC also offers Ocean County's our amazing Special Needs team!

The SSCC mission is to create an environment where children can learn the fundamentals of competitive cheer, to develop self-esteem and a positive attitude through participation in a team environment and experience the many mental and physical benefits of sportsmanship and competition.  We believe that every athlete is a valuable member of our program.  Ensuring that we will do our best as coaches to help foster each child's individual skill development in the support of cheer.  It is our mission to prepare our teams and athletes to perform to their peak level of ability, ensuring their success on the competition floor.



​​ While it is our intent to train our youth to become outstanding athletes, we also believe that our athletes will gain a tremendous amount of self-confidence and learn valuable lessons in team dynamics. They are taught sportsmanship, goal setting and pride. They learn that with hard work, dedication and determination they can accomplish any task. We believe that becoming a member of the SSCC program rewards not only our athletes, but also enables families to witness the personal growth of their children through athletics. Many of our athletes spend countless hours in the gym working on and perfecting their cheer, dance and gymnastic skills. Our coaching staff is privileged to have the opportunity not only to coach these children, but also to develop personal relationships with them and their families. We are thankful that you have given us this opportunity because we truly believe our athletes and parents are “FAMILY.” 


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Keleigh Cooper
Lead Consultant
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